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Yellow High Power: Gelbe Mischung

Die Gummimischung für Carbon Felgen.

Für absolut beste Bremsleistung (nass und trocken) und die exakte
Dosierbarkeit der Verzögerung auf Carbonfelgen.
Kein Quietschen und sehr geringer Verschleiß.
Auch auf Alufelgen nutzbar. erlaubt damit das fahren
von verschiedenen Radsätzen.
Kurzzeitig auf über 300Grad erhitzbarer Belag!


Gewicht  ca. 5 Gramm/Belag
Einsatzbereich  Rennrad
Kompatibilität  Carbonfelgen mit
Ausführungen  Campagnolo Norm
 Shimano Norm
Lieferumfang  4 Bremsbeläge
 (für 1 Bike)



Auf Kohlefaserfelgen geht unserer Meinung nach derzeit kein Weg an Swissstops Yellow King Mischung vorbei. Im direkten Vergleich zu Corimas Korkbelägen (in den Anfangszeiten der Kohlefaserfelgen die einzige Möglichkeit den extrem Verschleiß der Beläge auf solchen Felgen in Grenzen zu halten) sorgt die Schweizer Mischung stets für ausreichende Bremswirkung, was man von Korkbelägen im Allgemeinen - gerade bei nassen Bedingungen - nicht behaupten kann. Die extrem geringe Bremswirkung bei solchen Verhältnissen kann so manches Mal zu einer heiklen Situation führen! Die Yellow King Beläge finden den richtigen Mittelweg zwischen ausreichender Haltbarkeit auf der Einen, maximaler Verzögerung unter trockenen und nassen Bedingungen auf der anderen Seite

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Quick Spins ? June 11, 2007

Edited by James Huang


Swiss Stop Yellow King brake pads - do these come in bulk?

hey don't look like much
Photo ©: James Huang
(Click for larger image)

Road brake pads generally aren't given much thought, but the ability to stop or scrub off speed effectively is arguably one of the most critical features regarding a bike's overall performance (or, at the very least, safety). The growing popularity of carbon-rimmed wheelsets has only served to highlight that fact, as stock brake pads are often woefully inadequate for the job; in the worst cases, they can be downright dangerous, and unfortunately, even many 'carbon-specific' pads leave much room for improvement.

Swiss Stop bills its Yellow King compound as the ultimate carbon-specific rim, and apparently its brake pad chemists have cut some sort of deal with creatures from the underworld as we'll be damned if we have any evidence to refute that claim. Braking on each of our carbon testers (we sampled four from four different manufacturers) was simply eye-opening as it was the first time we'd experienced braking quality that good on the stuff, wet or dry.

Well, maybe that's not entirely true? now that we think about it, we had a similar experience while sampling Mavic's new Cosmic Carbone Ultimate wheelset matched with its carbon-specific pads. At the time, we said the braking characteristics were "predictable, quiet, and most importantly, quite powerful." As it turns out, though, those carbon-specific pads are actually made for Mavic by Swiss Stop and are nearly identical to the Yellow King compound so apparently we shouldn't be surprised.

What did come as a surprise, however, was the Yellow King's braking quality on standard aluminum rims. While not the best we'd experienced, they were certainly still quite good and would more than suffice for racers who train on aluminum but race on carbon (kiss those last-minute brake pads swaps goodbye).

Cyclocross racers in particular will be thrilled to know that Swiss Stop also offers the Yellow King compound in both a straight post and cartridge insert for threaded carriers for use with cantilevers (kiss those uncontrollable slides into the barriers goodbye). As icing on the cake (mmm? cake), just about anyone will appreciate the fact that our test pads have worn surprisingly well, too.

It's rather rare that we'll gush so lovingly on a product, but the accolades are well deserved in this case. Dare we say that it's unlikely that you'll find us using another brake pad on a carbon-equipped tester anytime soon as long as we have some say in the matter.

Price: US$41.60 (Flash Yellow King for Shimano/SRAM, set of four); US$62.40 (Race2000 Yellow King for Campagnolo, set of four)
Pros: Superb braking performance on carbon rims in all conditions coupled with excellent performance on standard aluminum, very good wear characteristics
Cons: expensive, but well worth the price

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